~Rockin’ Chairs, Lanterns & Such~

Thrifty Treasures

 garage sale 10

It is Saturday afternoon; our 2 day subdivision garage sale wound down about an hour ago.  We pronounced ours a huge success. 

Our leftovers were donated to the local high school show choir, for their garage sale in August. Others will donate theirs to a church and/or local charity resale shops.

I found a few thrifty treasures, around the neighborhood, I think you will like.


 garage sale 7

I saw this wicker rocking chair, a few days before the sale, at a home on the next street over.  We went by Thursday evening and asked if it was on the sale.  There was a little bit of pre-selling happening, that evening.

We bought the rocker for $20.  It is so comfortable.  It will get fresh paint and a new cushion, before we take it to the lake.

garage sale 9 

A set of six snack trays with cups and a serving piece, in pottery, found at one of our neighbors, the first day of the sale, $5.

 garage sale2

Another neighbor sold new light fixtures, deeply discounted, from a local lighting store closing. 

We are going to try this lantern style hanging light on the back porch. Although it is an interior light, we believe it will be okay on the porch, because it is enclosed on three sides and has a roof.  This one was $50.

 garage sale3

I purchased the fixture, above, for over the table and chairs at the lake.  I’ve looked for a bargain in this style light for awhile.  The cost was $8.  The neighbor, selling the lights, bought two of our large rugs.  In other words, we traded even, for both lights.

 garage sale 5


Eldest daughter brought this ottoman up for the sale. I grabbed it for the lake…no charge. 


garage sale1We brought J’s grandparents’ chairs up from his “lodge”, for comfy seating at the sale. 

Our patio fan was used to keep us cool, during Thursday, Friday and Saturday, in the garage.  It was nice having those rockers and ample glasses of iced tea, too.

Among the items, we sold, were three stand fans.  They were hot items, during these warm June days.

I’m linking to Rhoda’s Thrifty Treasures.


We are off on a little road trip.  I don’t know if we have internet, at the lake, at this time.  I guess we will find out when we get there.  If we do, I’ll be checking in from there.  If not, I may have to take a little trip to the bread company, for WiFi access.


Someone asked about the lens I used for this photo, in the Blue White Yellow post.

garage sale 11

Canon Lens EF 50mm 1:1.4.

I’m shopping for a new macro lens and have in mind what I want.

We have been so busy since Wednesday, I haven’t had time to check in at the Back Porch or other blogs. I’ll be back around soon, though.

Hope your weekend is going well and your week ahead is wonderful.