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As the Back Porch approaches it’s 400th post, I’ve taken a glance back at previous posts, to see how this blog has evolved since March 2007. While browsing, I ran across a post featuring an old fashioned favorite comfort food.

My contribution, for Foodie Friday is from June 2007, titled Beans ’n Cornbread.

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June 2007: Hey ya'll! Reading all the "Southern Thangs", the last day or two, caused me to crave comfort food. Whether you live in the south, north, east or west, Beans 'n Cornbread are comfort foods!

Today, I prepared Pinto Beans, in a heavy Dutch Oven. Equally delicious beans are, Great Northern, Butter Beans, Black Eyed Peas or many other types of beans. I like a little bit of green onion with my beans.

In the south cornbread is prepared unsweetened. In other areas, it's baked with a little bit of sugar.

The photo shows the cornbread I baked today. It's made from scratch, unsweetened and baked in an ancient and well seasoned iron skillet. This is the only pan I use for traditional cornbread. I would be heartbroken if anything happened to this old iron skillet. I also own a cast iron pan, that is made of 4 fish molds. It's fun to serve fish shaped cornbread now and then.

What are your favorite Comfort Foods?


This post marks my 390th or 393rd. My archive list shows 393. On my dashboard, it’s 390. For one reason or other, by accident or my design, posts have been removed along the way. I’m inclined to believe the number 390 is correct. The three deleted posts would not have been intended for publishing, then published by mistake, is my guess.

Over a 30 month period, the number 390 doesn’t sound like many, when compared to amazing bloggers, who have 400 posts in a much shorter time period. I am continually in awe of these talented and prolific bloggers.

On the occasion of my 400th post, here at the Back Porch, I will have a little celebration. The event should occur within the next few weeks.

The next several days, for our family, includes a birthday party, lunch with grandkiddo’s, and a day trip to Illinois.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Pat & J

A Post Script:

I just read Rhoda’s (Southern Hospitality) current post.  It is filled with great information for blogging successfully.  Whether you are a new blogger, just starting out, or a seasoned scribe, you will find lots of helpful tips in this post. Stop by Rhoda’s for 10 Tips for New Bloggers.